11.02.2011; b.L.o.g. – do I commit to it?!

I love to read & I own my thought! Then, I like to write.

...do it in your convenient way!

Most of my friend was told me the same things. “….bla, bla…baek ko start wat blog la…” ermmm! (Och…pekak gak telinga)
Do I need to start again? May I commit myself again? B.L.O.G.G.I.N.G?  lalaalalaaa…
Hoho… long time ago~! It was in year 2005…& my last entry was in year 2007, could be in March (if I’m not mistaken)! Haha…
I can’t commit myself…how do I start again? Don’t know where to start, don’t know what to start, don’t know…oh NO~! (need motivation…)

Aku?!  Yea…bagos gak kalo aku start mencoret smula. Sementara aku ada kesempatan, & bole jadi h.o.b.b.y! (good suggestion buddies!)

|activation mood|

Blog…from people views,


Some people said “express yourself”.

Some people said “write a life journal”.

Some people said “sharing with other”.

Some people said “it’s for fun”.


Whatever they said, I believe blog is one way to enhance our writing skill, to expand our idea, to share our knowledge and to market our expertise.

In my view… do it in your convenient way!

I’m back…with blogging, all about sharing what in mind! It can be anything about things happen, interest, experience, knowledge, idea, & life.

My rule of thumb…“…bila aku rajin menulis”.

Aku menulis ikot citarasa aku. Coretan aku untuk mengingatkan diri aku (& kamu jgk).

This is the convenient way now…that I’ll spend my leisure hour for writing anything in front of my eye!


Hi there… I’m back!

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)

About yanchor

I’m a person with extra.ordinary passion! ...wherever you go, go with all your h.e.a.r.t.!

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  1. well, finally Kakchek! i was thinking the same thing… bila lah KakChek nak wat blog nie.. w the notes on FB they get lost y’know.. glad u finally got up and got yourself a blog! 😀

    good luck & have a lotta fun!

  2. welcome back!!! i loikkkeeeee….. 🙂

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