jjcm; jom jalan cerok malaysia

12-13Feb 2011; I met them!!

Btw, dah lama x jupe mid & dote. At last…we finally went for our amazing trip jjcm “jom jalan cerok Malaysia”.

...crazy! och...it was amazing

It was a non-stop trip…travels from KL – Terengganu – Penang – Perak – KL! Our journey crosses over Pahang, Jeli, Machang, Baling, Kulim & kami melintasi Banjaran Titiwangsa. It was 1350.9km trip…& ada 16 perhentian jjcm! Wow…sound GREAT, rite?? Hikhikhik…

Alhamdulillah, perjalanan kami selamat hingga ke destinasi terakhir (mean rumah masing-masing la…). It was a memorable & amazing trip. Penat tapi sonok! I really enjoyed spending time wif them!

Here I want to share photos throughout our great pose~!

the riders! traveler writer, journalist & photographer 😉

...jom jalan cerok malaysia...

1st stop; breakfast ala-ala pantai timor~! ns kerabu vs nasi dagang

2nd stop; lunch @ Warong Aziz Satar! makan original sata, nyumm

3rd stop; pasar payang kuala terengganu. time for windows shopping!

4th stop; keropok lekor kg losong! borong.....

5th stop; crystal mosque @ pulau wan man. Time for rest, mandi & solat!!

@ puncak titiwangsa! we're crossing over the Banjaran Titiwangsa. Time is about 2.00 a.m, fuh...

6th stop; USM campus! morning, subuh in penang...yay!

7th stop; rumah P.Ramlee~! interest place in penang...

8th stop; breakfast hour in penang! pekena roti + telor style anak mami!

9th stop; bukit bendera! och no...closed for upgrading, ermmm...

10th stop; pantai batu feringgih! we're playing around...yay 😉

11th stop; masjid terapong, tanjong bungah! time for rest & mandi...

12th stop; pasembor gani femes! kalo mai penang...aku mesti pekena pasembor ni...!

13th stop; Chowrasta Market...place of colorful jeruk!

14th stop; ferry...we're back to main land! 😉

15th stop; MCKK...malay colleage kuala kangsar!

16th stop; special "laksa kuala" at medan cendol & laksa, kuala kangsar!

a lot of photos, but it will be keep in our album!

Sun 10.03pm

Dear sis…really really enjoyed the non-stop trip so much, even penat gler, but xdelah smpai skt pinggang & bontot lg..howeva for my fav ppl, everything was cooL…thankya so much 4 d time & effort given…luv u both…sori if any of my action or words went wrong erk…tcare & sweet dreamz 😉

msg sent!



…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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