Sime Darby & 100 years~!

19feb 2011; Special Open Day of the Exhibition for FREE!

The Epic Painting & Centennial Exhibition runs until 28 February 2011. Open Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm, admission is free for all visitors. A special weekend opening is being held on Saturday 19 February 2011.

..epic painting wall! 🙂


As actual plan, I was thinking to meet Ann. Dah lama kot x jupe die. Since last November, busy outstation here & there… until her last day working with SDP, ktorg x sempat nak lunch or eating together!

So, suddenly “Group Announcement” email shoot out! Yeah…got idea, “drp pegi sorg2, better ajak Ann”. Alhamdulillah…the appointment is done!

We met as planned!


Main destination…visit 100 years centennial exhibition!

100 years ago, TODAY was the FUTURE

The Sime Darby of today is founded on centuries of heritage.

What I can say about it?! The exhibition brought us back to the historical memorabilia. Looks at the arrangement in the exhibition hall, make us closed to the years. Even…I feel proud being a part of the plantation peoples (yea…I’m a miller…). Some of the corners have been created to relive our rubber estates as well as our first go downs or warehouses. FYI, buku daftar lahir tahun 1952 in Somme Estate pon masih dalam simpanan! Great to see it 😉


I had taken a few pictures. Here I share the best snapshot during our day out~!

the family tree..all 3 merged companies!

...GUTHRIE; i hv a reason for this snap! 😀

Original Parang belongs to Sir Sime Middleton; used during early days managing estate in Malaya year 1910

...register book of maternity, Somme Estate 1952 😉

...visitor book! 😀 & the historical corner 😉

...Centennial merchandise!



Morning: Jumpa Ann…lawat pameran, tangkap gambar sekitar KL (aku naik LRT smpai Dang Wangi, and walking smpai wisma SD, hokey!), borak-borak, jalan-jalan kat Jalan TAR & makan!

Afternoon: Haziq’s 1st hi-tea birthday party. Makan lagi…paling best jupe kesayangan yg dh semakin membesar & comel! Happy 1st birthday haziq d’bootak!

Then, rioh meeting “3G” dgn cousin yg sumenye sengal-sengal belaka! Alhamdulillah…done, walaupon asyik gelak smpai pecah perot!


All above, this Saturday mmg best!

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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I’m a person with extra.ordinary passion! ...wherever you go, go with all your h.e.a.r.t.!

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  1. wow! amazing! ;P

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