…surprise with a BIG thanks~!

1march 2011; roses from Cameron Highlands!

Mcm mimpi je, smpai ofis ada bunga rose 15 kuntum ats meja…pusing kiri kanan, tanya itu ini…jeng jeng! I got the answer… 😉


Thanks…toche…tenkiu….tie-que…terima kasih…TQ!!! 😀

a BIG thanks to miss KK (skrg nk kena tulis title kat depan nama….takot nnt x kesempatan lg nk guna title yg mcmtu, erk???) for a pink roses! I LuV it so much…I loike! Don’t mind even I got the pinky one!


Hey Karen…as I told before, u’re the one that I miss about SEMUA!


kitaorg!! ...dulu & sekarang

“Don’t walk in front of me, I won’t follow.

Don’t walk behind, I may not lead.

Walk beside me, we are friends forever!” 😉


Sis, u make me smile all the day! senyom smpai telinga 😀

tq jugak utk si penghantar roses (miss eLL “the most  busy person” yg baek hati)…muahhx~!

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


About yanchor

I’m a person with extra.ordinary passion! ...wherever you go, go with all your h.e.a.r.t.!

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  1. wahhh….damn…sgt terharu!! :’)

    Thanks a Lot NAA !

  2. terharu gak…hiks…

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