Village View; …fun hunting to eat!

The night passed. I still cannot sleep. Mengantok jugak…


Aku masih lagi bertemankan lappy kesayangan! Click here, click there….and click this!!!


What I found?!

Village View Restaurant, Bangi …

Just want to share about of this restaurant! This is the first time I stopped eating here. Very nice place, peaceful environment…surrounding deco is adorable.  FOOD? My first word is “SEDAP!”.  My next word is “LAPAR”. My conclusion is “OKLAH”!

Village View Restaurant, Bangi...

...Ikan Kerapu masak 3 Rasa - a B+ rated! but still "bole tahan"

...Tauhu spicy seafood - a B and not as good as I expected. It should be japanese toufu!

...Tomyam seafood! surprisingly was very tasty so it gets an A 😉

...Siakap steamed with lime~! just average – maybe a B+ for group of 9!! yeah, we're enjoyed our dinner 😀

The best thing about this place was that the service was impressively fast (not sure how fast, but everything was in table less than 30mins..). The prices were very reasonable too (maybe…coz we’re ordered for a group of 9 persons). The dishes here overall are about A- & B+.  But for different environment, it’s ok to come over here… (especially if u are around in Kajang/Bangi or heading to UKM).


However, the BAD experiences with some extremely RUDE staff at this restaurant. They do not respect our privacy (by knocking the wooden wall… Not just 1 time, but can be counted!) Ish…! If you concern on all this manner issue, do think twice if you’re planning to visit this place. Even if the food was that great (which it so and so…), no place is worth visiting if the staff are as “kurang ajar” to customers as at this restaurant, isn’t it?? Hrmmmm…


Apapon, kitorg buat TAK RETI jelah. Yang penting our dinner was really fun! Fyi, we’re celebrating Shelly’s birthday ( 2nd March 2011). Berbaloi lah ktorg merempit datang makan kat sini from KL dengan perot yg “sangat” lapar.  Plus, with the laughter of friends … wow, all beautiful! Yea… 😀


To anyone who wants to try or visit the place… remember “Village View Restaurant, Bangi”! 😉

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)

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  1. Kak chek.. Asik citer makan2, jalan2, makan2, jalan2.
    I’ve been there. Mmg servisnye sgt cepat. Tempat ni feveret yuzi kot mase dia duk bangi dulu 🙂

    • Aien…sbbnye lately asyik jln2, mkn2 je…! hahaha 😀
      Bila jalan-jalan…tangkap-tangkap gambor! hihihi 😀
      kalo xde keje…kChek suke carik kje…mean pegi jalan-jalan & makan-makan!

      btw…kerek kot pekerja kat ctu. X profesional lgsg….hrmmmmm

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