127 hours

13march 2011; Ohhh…ngilu hingga ke tulang!!!

Aku bukan seorg commentator filem. Belom layak utk menyatakan komen dari segi “ART”, sbb ini bukan bidang aku!



I love movies! Aku suker menonton pd waktu lapang…esp DVD!! Aku cuma mahu menyatakan ttg kepuasan menonton!

People said, “customer is always right”!



Thanks to the director that brought me the real expressively as a survivor!

Life is not as easy as what we think in mind!

Life is reality!

Life needs knowledge!


Garapan yg benar2 membuatkan aku ngilu hingga ke tulang. Salah satu sbb kenapa aku x pilih bidang kedoktoran. Nmpk je “macam” ganas, tp aku x sanggop melihat org menanggung kesakitan.


Timeline yg terlalu panjang…nama pon 127 hours! Ekspresi yg ditunjokkan Franco, mmg benar2 menyentoh lubuk hati aku. Mimik muka yg bersahaja, mimik muka kesakitan, mimik muka kecewa…sumenya ternyata menjadi. IMPRESSIVE!

So…aku puas hati menonton. I gave 4 stars! Our thoughts are not the same, isn’t it? Hahaha… 😀


127 Hours is a 2010 biographical adventure film produced, co-written and directed by Danny Boyle. based on Ralston’s autobiography Between a Rock and a Hard Place. The film stars James Franco as mountain climber Aron Ralston, who became trapped by a boulder in Robbers Roost, Utah, for more than five days in early 2003 before amputating his arm with a dull knife.
The film was well-received by critics and was nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Actor (James Franco).
[From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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