Dot3: Yanchor’s wRiting ProteG3 ;)

Assalamualaikum and Holla from me, Dot3…..

Kakak Yan, I’m writing dis post as u asked bfore….hehehhe…To all readers, Hi & salam perkenalan…..Nottin bout me, just a simple human called Sharifah Rashidah Sayed Abdollah…not yet 26th but goin to be dis Dec…hehehe…Currently working in Sime Darby Plantation, same wif NAA..

Sy suke terlalu byk benda…Hmm..Cokolats, Teddies, Blings2, Shoppings, Movies, Chicken Soup 4 d Soul, Food, Pink, Colourful n etc….

n I luv lots of things and humans toooo…;) Umi & Walid, my adek2, my Bloved Fiancee, kakak Yan, kwn2, my Job, my Boss, my belongings, my Samsung, eyyyhhh byk sgtttt….========)

Why on Earth am I writing??Hmmm…slain sbb Kak Yan, definitely bcoz to share the world wif all of the readers here…

Maybe some thoughts, stories, dreams, pix, trips, adventures, journeys and many more….Hehehehe..

So, Live Life wif Lotsss of Luvsssss…………….


                                                                                                                       <..> I am Dote


About Sharifah Rashidah

An OverDotted Person.

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  1. Welcome to my world, most welcoming u~!! Hehehe 😉
    keep on writing anything to share wif me & all frenz..will alwiz support u!!

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