Black Swan; A Sensual Darkness!!!!

A Sensual Darknesss

Previous review in Kak Yan’s notes (Black Swan) is continued……(,”)

If Kabir Bhatia can come out wif a Malaysian version of Black Swan, I will be d 1st person who wanna watch it…Hehehehe…So long I haven’t watch dis kind of masterpiece, maybe not so interesting for others but for me, it’s an outstanding story…The plot might be quite boring as most of the time, the narration is only about a ballerina’s routines (ballet class, ballet practice, fights to get the main role and etc)…Sbb tuh tgk cite ni rse lame gilerrrr pdahal movie die is just 1 and ½ hour je kot…Tapi ke’Boringan’ die is sumtin you need to watch…Trust me (,”)…


d Boredom brings u to explore how perfection ruins a human’s life…



Ntahla….mungkin kte bley mencobe sbb kte punye AKAL dan KUDRAT yg TUHAN bg…Finding perfection is sumtin dat we can do…But to be PERFECT, Wallahu’alam….ak ni pon, stiap kerja x penah sempurna 100%…Hahahah…Bg aku yg msih mentah dlm hidup ni, Cukupla kte melunaskan tanggungjawab+kerja+sumtin semampu yg kte boleh ikot jalan yg benarrrr….Tp, jgnla jadikan alas an MAMPU tu utk x setelkan sumtin di tahap yg sepatutnyeee….ish3x

So, Black Swan brought me to explore a journey of a woman who struggled a lot to be perfect…The perfection made her lost her true beauty….From a very sweet & innocent gurl, she turned to be a very sensual, hostile & dark person…To be perfect, she sold her soul to the darkness & finally, she lost her life for PERFECTION…………

Life is Too Short…Live it wif Sumtin which can Cherish u in Hereafter….

Sesungguhnye, Hanye ALLAH yang SEMPURNA

 …Live Life wif Lots of Luvssss…




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