Happy birthday; we managed to surprise!! opsss…

Wah…lama rsnye TAK berkesempatan nak update blog this week!! Maybe this week started dgn kesihatan yg “agak” terganggu, so myself need time to recharged! Btw, byk event yg berlaku dlm seminggu nih…macam-macam ada!!! Hikhikhik…x sempat nk update on time!

3may 2011; full house!!! Yay 😀

We’re gathered again…it almost 1 month after our last gathering during Shelly’s birthday party.

This time was in Fullhouse!!!

It was really fun..! I enjoyed it so much…esp the cake & environment!


Fullhouse; Lifestyle Store & Café…

Huh…this was my first time! Fuh…berpusing-pusing almost 5 times at Jalan PJU 1A/3 with landmark speedmart 99, & mamak restaurant. Arghhhh…kat mana sbnrnye tempat nih??!!!

And u know what, the birthday gurl arrived first!!! Hahaha…so, who should be the vvip?! Btw, cool ok…bila sesat baru la adventure & perot pon cepat la rs lapar…hikhikhik.

What I can say…the attraction is NOT the food, but the restaurant itself. It’s very beautiful, furnished with classical designs & accessories with an English theme. You can find spin-dial phone, cool clocks, lots of photo frames, a bathtub, bird’s cages & a Mini Cooper parked at the entrance!

Our choice of the nite; Chicken Chop, Breaded Chicken Chop, Spaghetti, Kiwi milk shake, dragon fruit milk shake 😀

Apapon, berkumpul ramai-ramai nih yg buat happening gle! Walaupon Niza & Shelly TAK dpt join… kami tetap meriah! Idea Kathy for surprising Daisy with cockroach..mmg berkesan la. Tp nmpk gayanye, Kathy yg terlebey takot!!! Hahaha…

Dear Daisyd’birthday gurl 😉

Happy birthday to u,

Happy birthday to u,

The number of candles u blew

And the number a years that flew

All the strength that u drew

And the happiness u knew

All the old things and new

The love u found so true

The dreams u did pursue

Coffee and chocolate fondue

The white hue and morning dew

All these makes you get through

Happy birthday to DAISY…..

Hap……..py birthday toooooo u~!!!  😀 😉 8)

To the event planner..u’re really creative & amazing head!!  I’ll alwiz support ur effort in everything about our team gathering! Btw, who will be next?? Hahaha… 😀

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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  1. Yo.. kak.. awesome pics.. Thank you. I seriously enjoyed.. I love the cake and the place.. memang best…but the ppl make it memorable.. tnx galz…Shelly jgn jealous.. try not to mix.. the upcoming ones.. kk

    • yea…tenkiu!!! pics is for u, sis…& for our memory! best…besh…!
      Shelly and niza should not miss our next gathering, huh….wow 😀

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