…my lens; colors in Kuala Lumpur

10may 2011; The night passed. I still cannot sleep.

Midnite…aku masih dgn lappy kesayangan. Masih tercari-cari sumthing utk dikongsikan in my journal. Hurmmmmmm…

What I can share?

Yay 8)

The colorful of Kuala Lumpur..my beloved hometown!
Kuala Lumpur is colorful. NOT only are crowded with heavy traffic, but it is a BIG city that is famous for the various aspects of human congestion. Even in the weekend …

tumpuan di hujung minggu!

look...people moving! colorful of life 😀

shopping heaven in Kuala Lumpur 8)

..fesyen world, everything in KL! 😉

These photos are shots during my day out with my gadget D3000, that I capture in spite of what I see… hikhikhik. Some picture touches using a photo editor!

This is the life!

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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