Must Go!! Gabai Waterfall

Salam n hi Semua………..

I’ve promised all of u to update more, more n morrrreee Exciting Places to be visited kan????hehhee….just got the chance to update dis one…..So, njoy n klo free n berminat, u can go wif ur Family, Frenz etc k……

Gabai Waterfall, Hulu Langat

Location: Gabai Waterfall, Hulu Langat, Selangor

Route: Putra Heights – Bangi – Hulu Langat

Journey: 45 mins – 1 hour

Fee: RM1/ person

Facilities: Picnic Sites, Wakaf, Toilets, Surau, Cafeteria

Dot3, Family and Dd @ Gabai

Once we arrived here, the scenery was d 1st thing dat caught my eyes….Wat a WONDERFUL place…….Obviously dis will happen when a Waterfall is greatly maintained by a responsible party……so 2 Thumbs Up sumeeeee…..;)

View of Gabai

Gabai ni is very suitable for any Family Activity (picnic, leisure, easy trekking etc)…There are lots of picnic sites yg ade kat cni….Wakaf2 di tepi air terjun pun sgt byk….For those yg na feel close to nature, u guyz bley lepak kat Waterfall wakaf yg ade….Dont worry,sumenye sgtla bersiiihhh….

2 Thumbs Up lg!!!!

Picnic sites & Wakaf nearby Waterfall

Access to the waterfall is very easy….smpi parking kete, then jalan siket, then u all akn tros nmpak the picnic sites, bridge and waterfall….Families wif kids slalu lepak bwh je coz air x dlm sgt,but deras tauu…so be carefulll….

The main waterfall is nearby the bridge dlm gmbr tu….Trust me it is a very STRONG waterfall….it’s like a very HEAVY rain….u cant afford to face the waterfall at all…sgtla kuattttt smpi xleh bukak mate n bernafas klo mngadap kat waterfall tuh….however, mmg xdlm sgt….

For those yg larat na hike to the higher ones, u can use the stairs beside the waterfall…Along the trail, u will see lots of Waterfall Wakaf at ur left n right sides…the higher waterfall ni has a very big pool…has bbq area etc…n it has a very famous sliding area….hahhaha

Sliding Heaven

Our great Time @ Gabai

 So, I guess dats all for now….If u all have time, u must go to dis picnic heaven k….hehhehe…very near to Klang Valley, the access to waterfall is super duper easy, the scenery is tip top, the sites are plenty and u wont get congested at d waterfall…hahaha…

OK, will update all of u another exciting trekking to waterfall…..;)

Lots of Luvvvvvsss, 


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  1. wah…bestnye!!! apa yg korang bawa g picnic??? uiks.. mustahil kalo DOTE x makan yg sedap2 kan??? yummy….ekekeekeke 😀

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