KL -> Bangkok; d’journey of friendship

16-19june 2011; adventure lady’s trip! 😎


Yeah… the holiday has been planned in advance! 12 org > 9 org > 7 org… finally ONLY 7 of us have been confirmed!!! It’s okay…whatever it is, we did it!!! Yay 😉

It was an adventure Lady’s trip…travels from KLButterworthBangkokKL! Our travel route was so amazing. We took EXPRESS BUS to Butterworth from KL… then, INTERNATIONAL TRAIN to Bangkok, Hulamphong Station  and came back to Malaysia by MH785 MAS airlines…hehehe 😀

The holiday was full of fortitude & great! luv it 🙂



I will NEVER forget these memories. Penat tapi sonok! It is an exciting, happy and cheerful! What happens along the trip was the challenge (sometime it might be “suatu kebetulan”..ekekeke) and we managed it well! Terima kasih Allah… 😀

Here I want to share photos throughout our great pose~!

16june 2011 6.30am; taxi from d’palma ampang to Hentian Duta Bus Stesen 😀

16june 2011 12.30pm; tiba kat Terminal Bus Butterworth, naik train ke BANGKOK 😎

 16june 2011 6.45pm; tiba di Padang Besar station… beli dinner kat canteen KTMB, imegresen clearance & direct to BANGKOK 😀

17june 2011 12.50pm; tiba di Hulamphong Stesen, BANGKOK!! finally we’re reached safely after 26hours journey..yay 😉

17june 2011 3.00pm; Our trip has begun!!! we went to Grand Palace, canal boat tour, Wat Arun visit, city tour & madam Tussouds Bangkok!

17june 2011 9.30pm; jalan kaki ke Khoasan Road nite market. Tengok nitelife in Bangkok 😉


18june 2011 8.30am; Safari Park Tour dengan macam-macam gelagat yg penoh keriangan! 😀

18june 2011 5.00pm; jewelery shop & Jatuchak market. Penat pusing-pusing, aishhhh!!!

  18june 2011 7.30pm; HARD ROCK cafe Bangkok!!! 😎

aktiviti shopping di Hard Rock Shop…

19june 2011 8.00am; time for leaving. Penyerahan cenderahati kpd contact person, Mr. Ismail.

However…Rusdy (adek Ismail) yg jadi tour guide kitaorg for 2 days trip. Abes kena sakat hebat dgn kitaorg..he was sporting & cool 😉

~d' journey of friendship! 😉


Ketawa besar bila aku melihat our holiday snapshots! Ada banyak cerita di sebalik setiap aksi…hahaha. As I told earlier, it was memorable holiday!! 😀


*Aku mmg akan kongsi kegilaan kami sepanjang trip ini nnt…insyaAllah! 😉

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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I’m a person with extra.ordinary passion! ...wherever you go, go with all your h.e.a.r.t.!

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  1. you’re really work on it. look amazing 😀

  2. dear yanchor,

    i’ve read all the amazing entries of your recent trip to bangkok. it’s nice to read experiences of such trip by “orang2 biasa a.k.a perempuan biasa”. i’ve planned years and years of going there and alhamdulillah i’ve secured my flight tickets for chiangmai-bangkok trip end of this year. i love journeys by train. since i’m taking a direct flight to chiangmai, i’ll be taking a train trip to bangkok. i’ll end my chiangmai-bangkok journey and “balik rumah” insyaAllah by a bangkok-klia flight.

    the entry i enjoyed most was the train journey. sayang sekali, lots of people do not realise who good our train system is. i guess, some just don’t like to spend hours and hours of their time by having trains as way of transportation.

    i’ve also gathered some infos on accomodation and sightseeing tour. i’m glad the you’ve visited most of the places i wish to visit in bangkok. and you guys seemed to enjoy your time in bangkok. good work yanchor & friends! Untuk keseluruhan perjalanan ini, saya beri markah A-. :-))

    terima kasih.

    btw, did you get any chance to visit any of the old mosques located at the riverbank of the chao phraya river?



    • Hi NB…tq for the compliment. Yeah…it was really enjoyable trip!

      I agree with you that most of us doesn’t like to spend more time in trains. Even my sister also keep saying “boring” & “tak tau nk watpe dah…takkan asyik nk makan je…” 😆 However, this type of public transport is save for long hour journey. Ini ramai yg TAK caya. Apapon kita TETAP kena berhati-hati. Anything can happen, isn’t it? 😉

      About travel, as i told in my posts…kitaorang mcm TAK cukup masa!!! so, unfortunately we’re had not visit the old mosques at chao phraya river… 😦 Maybe it is the chance to come back to bangkok again in future, huhuhu 😀

      I wish u having a GREAT holiday to bangkok and enjoy it so much. Pls free to share your experience in 1 of my posting (if related) in future…hope to hear from u soon.

      once again…tq for dropping by here. 😎

  3. Hye darling,
    I found ur blog when i googling pasal trip to KL-Bangkok.
    You sure have a lot of fun there.
    I just nak tanya you ada good recommendation ke contact person tour guide tu?
    I and my girlfriends plan nak gi Bangkok this December.
    Please let me know k.

  4. Terima kasih semue

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