Bangkok; the holiday trip – Episode City Tour!

Since writing the last episode, I have no intention untuk menyepi… as you know holiday time is over. Nevertheless the vacation memories are still broad in my heart.  As promised, let’s continue with our excitement during this trip…!!! 😉

Flash back in last story (Episode Long Journey), we’re check in at New World Hotel, Bangkok immediately after arrival.

We’re now in Bangkok… yay ~!  😆

16june 2011; Bangkok City Tour.

First of all, we had our lunch in Sara Restaurant with Tomyam Khung & Somtam before continuing the trip. Wow…the best treat we had during our 1st arriving! Btol la ckp my trusted person, “Sampai hotel nanti, try tomyam dlu..pasti berasap.” 😀

Then…we went to Grand Palace visit, Canal Boat tour & Wat Arun visit. Unfortunately, Zura wasn’t joining us for that day due to not feeling well after long journey. She needs more rest (actually need well sleep) in the hotel. However, we’re enjoying the visit & snapshot! It a MUST, isn’t it?? Hahaha 😎

Grand Palace…due to time constraint, we just have a look at the outsight park. The visit hour 9a.m to 3.30pm. However, it’s ok… yg penting dpt posing sakan. I had my best snapshot. Yeah…test power nih! 😉

Then, walking to Tha Chang boat station for sightseeing boat tour along the Chaophraya River.  We passed the Royal Barges Museum, Siraj Hospital, Navy training port, the 1st University in Thailand (unfortunately I don’t know how to pronounce it…so i can’t spell it!),  giving  food to the BiG hungry fishes at Wat Srisudaram & direct to Wat Arun.

Just to share with all, in Bangkok city itself…there are 3000 temples with average 1 temple in every 1km. Wow…can we imagined it?! It’s the facts. Unfortunately, we’re constraint of time for more temples visit. However, by visiting Wat Arun which is the oldest temple in Bangkok, it more than enough! In Wat Arun, we’re experiencing climb up to see the Bangkok inside city & Chaophraya River activities. What is a challenge? People said, climb up easy…to climb down, wehhooo! Ada yg GAYAT la…! Also not to forget for photo snaps session! Yeah… 😎

Grand Palace; my best snapshot 😉

Wat Arun; my best snapshot~! :mrgreen:

Tha Tien; Centrel Pier - my best snapshot 😉


And… ktorg sempat jgk berSHOPPING baju tshirt “Bangkok” for our next day theme! Huhhuuh…yay we got it!!!

2b continue…

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)

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  1. arfizah arshad

    heee….nice blog….rajin2 la lg menulis…..;)

  2. nice pic…loike!

  3. ade ole2 tuk aku x?ahaks!

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