Bangkok; the holiday trip – Madam Tussouds with stars!

3july 2011; Now is July…and it’s the mid of the year! 😎

Aku ada byk lagi cerita yg nak dikongsikan tentang holiday in Bangkok. Rasa terlalu panjang perjalanan kami di sana. Keseronokannya masih terasa walaupon ia telah berlalu hampir 3 weeks. 😆

After City tour (flash back: Episode City Tour), we’re heading to Madam Tussouds, Bangkok~! :mrgreen:


Traffic in Bangkok was so amazing. Jam & traffic light.

Dropped at MBK Mall, and we walked to Siam Discovery Plaza passed by the BTS Station; National Stadium. Senang & selesa je walaupon sesak dgn org yg ramai. Directly to Channel V studio & check-in at Madam Tussouds Museum.  We met most of the famous nation leaders, scientists, actors, actress & sportman/woman!  Tun Dr. Mahathir pon ada gaks…tp yg patong lilin la, bukan yg betol2. Ekekeke….Posing is a MUST. Gaya kena hebat!! Huhuhu…

The snapshot of our great pose! Enjoyed it so much…muahhh!

look the amazing traffic condition~!

...the journey with the stars has begun~! 😀

Next…we’re back to MBK Mall and have our light dinner. Find out of sticky rice mango!! Yeah…got it, yummy 😉

sticky rice manggo 😉

2b continue…

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)

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