Bangkok; nightlife @ Khaosan Road Night Market!

:mrgreen: yay…JOM continue with my exciting in Bangkok~! 😉


After had a dinner at food court MBK Mall (episode: Madam Tussouds), ktorg terus balik ke hotel. Remember that I told in previous episode, Zura was staying in the hotel due to not feeling well. TAPI dh lepas maghrib, dia dh ok. So, TAK sabar die nk tggu ktorg balik utk kuar jalan-jalan jugak.

Where we go? …we’re walking to Khaosan Road Night market. Mcm TAK lengkap plak kalo TAK tengok nitelife in Bangkok. Hehehe…


Nite market… ramai betol org kat cni dgn mcm2 activities. Ada yg lepak makan2 kat pub, ada yg shopping…it’s look like uptown night market in Malaysia. Barang2 bundle mmg byk la jual kat cni. Restaurant Indian food pon byk kat cni. Certain is HALAL, and certain maybe not. We didn’t try… kenyang lg! Wah…bole jupe mcm2 kat cni! ada org jual lipas, kala jengkeng & cacing goreng  :twisted:. Jupe CIMB mobile bank jugak…pakai van! Ekekeke…

It almost late nite when we’re back to the hotel. Imagined after long hours travel, we managed to hang out for the trip until night. It sound great rite? Plus with the exciting pose in front of the camera, we overcome anything. Saluted to d’gang!!! 😎

Next day trip was memorable!!! 😎 Stay tune….

2b continue…

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)

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