Bangkok; the world of happiness – Safari Tour!

Salam sume sahabat & readers!

Mlmni just nk sambong cte2 keseronokan my holiday in Bangkok 🙂


2nd day trip; we’re in a theme. Remember the last episode I tell about us buy t-shirt to be worn together, didn’t you?? In episode City Tour – Wat Arun’s souvenir stall. Yes…I did mention it!!! 😀


the beginning of a day! 😆

17june 2011; Safari World Tour! 😎

Yay… the day started for others exciting. (Flash back: Khaosan Road Night Market)


We went to the Safari about 8.30 a.m. local time. Rasa bersemangat sbb ktorg sume pakai bj theme Bangkok!! Wah… 😉


w.e.l.c.o.m.e to the w.o.r.l.d

yay...gadis2 bertopi~!

Safari World is the greatest open zoo & leisure park in Thailand.  Exciting…that’s what I can elaborated it! Huhuhu…  Our team is guest no. 333 with luckily met “orang kampong” that had been working in the Safari for 20yrs. Thanks to En. Azman Ghazali (yeah…I have to mention his name) due to the vvip treat that he gave us! He brought us to the nursery and training center of the orang utan. Sonok dpt tangkap gambo 1 to 1 dgn orang utan, esp the baby of orang utan & the main actor in the boxing show. Hahaha 😀


sonoknye bersama En. Azman Ghazali 😉


v.v.i.p of orang utan 😉


We’re enjoyed a lot of animals show. The best MUST be orang utan boxing show! Others were Sea lion show, dolphin show & elephant show. By walking around the park, we passed through bird park, Marine Park, just passed by giraffe feeding park & spy war tunnel!

time for the show 😀

the boxing show!

ramainyer....suker 😀


macam-macam aksi kitaorang 😆


The main attraction when we went to Safari Park tour. Yeah…bole jalan sama-sama dgn zebra, unta, burung unta & not forget to say hi to the tigers & lions! Hehehe…wonderful trip!!

open zoo tour~!


Snapshot?? It a MUST, hokey… :mrgreen:

guest no 333 😉


2b continue…

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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  1. Chek, suma pakai baju same senang nak cari klu sesat ke…

  2. tak dpt pergi,tgk gambar2 ni pun rasa mcm kat sana pula rasanya…nice pic

  3. Chek tgk ko gi safari…teringat masa kami gi safari kat Korea dulu… mmg bestkan masuk safari tgk dorang berjoget2… tapi masa kat sana haiwan2 x phm ape kami ckp… sbb haiwan2 tuh paham bahasa korea je…

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