Jamuan Raya; they’re really make it for me!

Last nite was a memorable. It was really happening unexpectedly.

5sept 2011; I thought it just a Hari Raya Gathering!

Yeah… as mention in SMS by Chong CW, we are planning for jamuan Hari Raya. Eventhough the venue at Sunway Pyramid…TAPI aku ingat bcoz dah lama we hv not gathered, so bole la nk dengar cik siti menyanyi. Siap pesan bawa KUIH RAYA lagi tuh, hikhikhik  😀

TAK SANGKA…!!! Tak sangka jamuan hari raya turned into a birthday party!!!

Speechless… yeah, I’m speechless! Aku TAK terfikir pon that they will arrange the birthday celebration for me. Maklumlah, birthday dlm bulan Ramadan. And the main point bcoz they’re treated me as usual. Send SMS on the details c/w theme color. Then, I came by myself, arriving earlier (kalo TAK sesat) as what I did in our previous gathering. Besides, I thought they just nk tiup2 belon, hanging the birthday ribbon and just enjoying wishing me a belated birthday. TAPI…




Happy birthday to u… happy birthday to u,

happy birthday dearhappy birthday to uuuuuuuu!!!!



AND the birthday cake is a BIG surprised!!! They’re really making it for me. :mrgreen:





Thanks a lot for a favorable birthday gift. It seems my wishes come true!!! ALHAMDULILLAH


What I got from them??? Wehhooo…BUM equipment purse!  Aku TAK sangka tukang beli hadiah nih mcm tau-tau je my wish list for this year is to get myself a new purse. Walaupon aku DAH reward myself with the new one that bought on the birthday time (with recommended by my sister)… this present was a DOUBLE meaningful. First, the marvelous present from wonderful frenz & secondly, my wish came true (wish list to hv a new purse)!! I love it so much!!!!

I got 2 new purses for the age of 30!! Ya Allah…apakah ini tandanya tahun ke hadapan ini akan bertambah rezeki? Murahkanlah rezeki ku, ya Rabbi.



As promised, I’m using the newest purse w.e.f. TODAY (6sept). The earlier one, aku simpan dlu buat ms nih. Anytime, aku bole tukar-tukar ikot citarasa & mood aku. Yay~!  😉




Aku kena jugak akhirnya!!! Apa lg…kena touched up dgn creamy yummy la. However, for u guys…it’s ok. Cool   😎




Chong, Daisy, Nad, Shelly & LeenTQVM!!! It was really awesome nite. You all make me SMILE along the way back. Ntah2 dlm tdo pon senyom jugak kot. Hikhikhik  😆


Cake & present – mmg SURPRISE la! Luv it…

Food – buffet style with acceptable tastes. Kuih tart NAD jugakla yg PALING BEST!

Karaoke – kita mmg dh lama TAK melalak sama-sama kan?

(Nanananananana, nanananananana)

Am no beauty queen, am just beautiful me.

(Nanananananana, nanananananana)

You got every right to a beautiful night, come on!

Who says! Who says you’re not perfect

Who says you’re not worth it

Who says you’re the only one that’s hurtin

Trust me that’s the price of beauty.

Who says you’re not pretty, who says you’re not beautiful

Who says?!!


The most happening MESTILAH menyakat antara satu sama lain…kecoh!!!

Me: Dear all .. it was really enjoyed so much, even kena jd clown…but for u guys, everything was cool..tq so much 4 d enjoyable memories..luv aLL! 😉

CCW: On d behalf of the team, u r most welcome! U r cool as always! Again happy birthday yan! Have a wonderful year ahead!

Nad:Ur welcome kak. Hope u like it.

Daisy:Nw and np kak yan. Anything 4 u. 

Kathy, niza & mr. Chongit will be more wonderful if u’re around. However…  I thank you on all the birthday wishes. Miss u aLL  😉

to aLLthanks so much!!!  😎

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)

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I’m a person with extra.ordinary passion! ...wherever you go, go with all your h.e.a.r.t.!

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  1. kak yan…happy besday…sorry xdpt join sbb outstation kt png…so org dr kpg trs g png….sorry sgt2 ek….hope next event dpt jmp lg…

  2. sorry sgt2 xdpt join kak yan besday ari 2…..hope we’ll see in the next event…

  3. happy birthday yanchor 😉

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