The secret life of Nora d’musical!

Assalamualaikum sahabat & readers…

8oct 2011; The secret life of Norait was fantastic musical. I enjoyed it so much!!!


TERBAEK it was definitely entertaining! 



Marvelous work from Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina (after P.Ramlee d’musical, well done…!)… Great acts from Tiara (of course!), the other lead Ryan Silverman is good, and also funny was Adibah noor & Tony Eusoff!!! Adibah noor (suara die mmg unik plus lawak selamber, I Loike!) and the pronouncer  of “Nowa”; Aznil hj Nawawi (wow…memang bersahaja!).


Lagu-lagu pon best & disampaikan secara live dgn baik! Tiara sang her heart out & danced her way to our hearts, mmg mengagumkan!!! I loike it  😎


Ditambah lagi with beautiful melodies, dazzling costumes and impressive props… it was really colorful performance. And in 1st time, scene transition was nothing like any other musical theater I have seen…guess what??? In opening scene…aku dh tertawan with the transition when the showgirls finished a show & how they lower the curtain at the back of the stage to depict the transition from the front stage to the backstage. Superb la… So what can I say more? I was completely blown away by The Secret Life of Nora! 



I’m telling you, it will worth. You will finally witnessing the international standard of musical performance right before your eyes. I feel proud… no doubt The Secret Life of Nora is the show to watch.


Berbaloi-baloi… I enjoyed watching it with kak anis, dikyah & kakLa. It was a reward time for our birthday, isn’t my twin cousin?! Yeah…brilliant 😆


"so our next theater day is...??" hikhikhik :mrgreen:


Bestttt..thumb-ups 😉

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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  1. wah, sgalanye da terbongkar le, x de secret lg le si nora tu yek..hehehe..brape lama pementasan nie? sape muzikal konduktor dia haaaa….

  2. Pasal ape ye kak yan cite ni?? Ceciter ceciter…

    • hokey…

      cte nih pasal penari cabaret, Nora menjadi pujaan ramai peminat. Then, dia telah dilatih menjadi perisik utk membongkar rahsia kehilangan ramai penari wanita lain bila melakukan persembahan kat mr. J new world…ruper2 nyer………jeng jeng jeng!!!

      farah: nk tau kena g tgk sendiri. TAK rugi la… 😉

  3. jeng jeng jeng tu memang surprise.
    em insyaallah. malas betul nak kuar rumah. hehe

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