The Secret Life of Nora; awesome!

Mana dia
Siapa dia
Ini dia
Mana dia
Siapa dia
Mana dia

Siapa siapa itu
Memandang pada aku
Hatiku terharu
Teringat kau selalu

[“Siapa Dia” – Tiara Jacquelina]

Assalamualaikum all…

22oct 2011; The Secret Life of Nora again!!!  😎


I have just watched NORA last night. The second time!!! An absolutely fantastic show, from beginning to end…it was really great and I enjoyed it very much…again!!! What I can say more??? It was really entertaining and definitely awesome (as posted in NORA d’musical). The team was really impressive…..everyone was very good at performing and all of you are very energetic…thumbs up! And again…thumbs up!!! I will miss my nite with NORA show 😉


I went for the second time…! It’s definitely entertaining. The stars (of course la!), the dancers, the costumes & choreography, the script, music, voices, songs & lyrics, the props & the humor!  Amazing & brilliant! Very clever, very entertaining! I laughed and enjoyed myself so much!! Berbaloi-baloi  :mrgreen:



Even though the additional shows, I heard it’s completely sold out! Yeah…and we went on the last nite performance & it was full house! Hehehe  😆


“But the time we spent together

Are the moments I will treasure

And nothing’s truly over

As long as we have the hope

That someday…”


This time I with my D3000. Here the shots at the nite…!  😎

...last performance nite 😉 2nd time with the agents 😉

agent ain & agent yuzi, hehe

agent kepoh..!!!

the cast...!

the NORA, muahhhh!

the star...kudos!

they'd introduced the back-screen team!!!

...tonight's audience was RIDICULOUS, best!!!

The Secret Life of Nora

Best… best… best and thank you for surprising me with the invitation! I know how much u love me, dear 😀

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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  1. Awesome possum!!
    Skrg tgh bc email smbl main lagu nora… tetiba gelak sorg dgr lagu aznil smbl terbayang dia ckp “my scientist from wusia, wome & waub..” haha

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