PIPOC 2011; good platform for palm oil industry

17nov 2011; PIPOC 2011

Salam sume kengkawan. Terasa lama TAK dpt luangkan lebih masa utk blogging. Fuh…komitmen utk berkongsi cerita di sini semakin berliku. Namun itu bukan alasan buat diri aku utk terus mencoret tentang apa yang aku fikirkan. InsyaAllah.


Back to the track… “PALM OIL – Fortifying & Energizing the World” – inilah tema PIPOC 2011 yg berlangsung drp 15-17 Nov 2011 lalu. International Palm Oil Congress (PIPOC) ini program anjuran Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) adalah the biggest event for the palm oil industry. This year program was held at KL Convection Center, KL. As usual…this program is filled with conferences, paper presentations and exhibitions.


Tahun nih, aku berkesempatan utk berkunjung ke PIPOC. Bos kasi greenlite to visit the exhibition. Yeah…for myself this is good opportunity to get info on the latest development in technology for palm oil industry. Even I’m NOT participating in conferences, paper presentations… visit exhibition is more than enough. 😎


Let me share a few snaps during my visit…

Oh ya…fyi, aku g PIPOC dgn my colleagues – Mai, Tiqa & Hairie. Perjalanan kami yg BEST…& penat juga sbb bukan saja TAK cukup masa (nk visit all booths) tapi TAK cukop tangan nk bawa “doorgift” drp exhibitors. Apapon, alhamdulillah 😉


visitor tag


MPOB booth at the entrance - the organizer!



Antara booths yg kitaorang singgah.. Alfa Laval with their latest product Waste Decanter for effluent solid, Valmatic Valves with Miyawaki Steam traps, Sweco with their screen, SpiraxSarco, Viskers Hockins, EATON etc.


Besteel Berhad with their TILTING Sterilizer. Ini memang menarik minat kami. Tambahan lagi, kitorg dapat penerangan drp Mr. Quah yg merupakan CEO & creator…mmg 1 perbincangan yg best. Bukan sekadar dpt penerangan berkaitan, tapi kitaorg dpr bertanya tentang mcm2 termasuklah maintenance incur cost, advantages compared to others types, cooking quality etc.

Just sharing…this Tilting Sterilizer used hydraulic pump system to discharge the sterilized FFB. By using single cooking peak, it cooks FFB in horizontal like conventional type. Concept is the crop will equally sterilized. Beside that no need the cages in the sterilizer in order to reduce fruit bruised and losses. All above, in my view…this is combined sterilizer with conventional and oblique types. If we have a chance to visit the mill that operated this type of sterilizer…itu mmg peluang yg terbaik. Hehehe…


SAM McCoy…with their shaftless conveyor. SDP mills memang dah guna this types of conveyor. Hihihi…


In my view…PIPOC is the event which providing a strategic platform for interaction of the many facets of the industry including current issues, developments, innovations, opportunities and challenges.

“Palm Oil — Fortifying and Energising the World” will focus on palm oil as the powerhouse in the oils and fats market and advances in the industry, including the need to balance its growth in harmony with the environment for sustainable development.

[Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)]

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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