Kelantan Delights; rally fun!

2dec 2011; BiG laughing…!  😆

Kelantan Delights…very nice place, peaceful environment with privacy ..and internal deco is adorable. This is the meeting place with BFFWTFLC. Yeah… seingat aku, my last time met Lin & Zura… masa sama2 hantar mimie g Haji. Last time jupe Sue plak, TAK silap aku ms konvoi merdeka-raya on 16sept…och, RINDU beb  😉

So…peluang & kesempatan utk duduk bertentang mata, bertikam lidah bersama2 memang SERONOK. We had fun, BiG laugh and with this favorite people…it was CRAZY!!! hahaha…

We reunited – the Friendship Dinner with love! Peacefully venue, fabulous foods  &  leisure time…it was really enjoyed.

Let me share some snapshot!

Thanks to Mimie al-haj for your initiative. Aku tau ko RINDU kat kitaorang!!! Aku pon RINDU kat sume jugak 😉


BFFWTFLC – best buddies :mrgreen:

From left top to right down… LiN, dikYah, Zura, Sue, aku & miMie 😀


This is our choices… worth it!

Menu: Sirih pucuk kadok (memang best… appetizer yg menarik)

Sambal petai (mmg menyegat… Zura’s choice)

Tomyam seafood (just average… maybe a B+)

Kerabu pucuk paku (surprisingly was very tasty… dikYah’s choice)

Vanilla Frappe (“bole tahan”… my choice)

Sirap Selasih (pilihan ala-ala kampong… Zura’s choice)

Earl Grey Tea (hot choice by mimie)

Ice Lemon Tea (Sue’s refreshing choice)


KD’s Speciality -an iconic meal from Kelantan.

Nasi Kerabu – the ‘blue rice’… best recommendation! (Sue’s choice)

Laksam (also with selection of Kuah Belut) – delicious light course! (mimie’s & my choice)

Nasi Tumpang – just average but still “bole tahan” (Zura’s choice)


Main Course selection 😉

Ikan Siakap daun kadok – yummy…terbaek! (Lin’s choice)



Sira Sagu gula melaka – dessert for Set meals!



Bila dah jumpe… rioh, kecoh, meriahnyerrrr. Borak-borak cum meeting for our next therapy session, hihihi 😀


Friendship needs no words...muahhh!

All above… to anyone who wants to try or visit the place, I recommended you “Kelantan Delights”!

My BFFWTFLC – love ya!  😎

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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