Dote & Didi; Solemnization ceremony

Assalamualaikum sahabat & readers~!

28jan 2012; Congratulation to DoTe & DiDi!  May you guy live happily ever & after  😉

Let’s shared my snapshoots during the kenduri… dedicated to my adek!


New day begin… make -up time


Steps towards a new life…

.Kasih IBU tiada bandingan… pimpinan kasih sayang yg tidak bertepi. Sesungguhnya kasih ibu itu abadi.


Wajah-wajah yang penuh dengan debaran 😉


Overview of the scene… family and friends gather around and waiting for the ijab kabul event.  Both bride / brideroom anxiously waiting for the moment. Tok Imam never forget for giving advice (khutbah).

“Sharifah… dengar baik-baik yer” ujar Tok Imam




The whole families were in happy mode and ask her to freeze the action so that photographers will capture this wonderful moments, hehehhee!

“lama sikit, lama sikit!” shout the crowd.


After the event… aksi kitaorang! 😉


my best snapshots for her *wink*


Hantaran DoTe & DiDi… ~Galaxy Tab 10.1??!! Och…NO *errrr*


Congrats DOTE 😆

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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