Archery; time for BIG family!

Assalamualaikum sahabat & readers!

Wah…lama betol aku tak ngomel2 dgn cerita-cerita aku. Let’s catch-up what’s going on…


26may 2012; Great excitement, archery time!

Actually, I juz came back from outstation on Friday, 25th. Since susah sgt nk dptkan nice date for this activity with my beloved cousins… so we has decided to go by TODAY!!! Penat…mg aku masih penat, tapi bila jupe cousin yg sengal dgn melayan kerenah anak-anak buah yg comel2, everything cool  😎


Where are we? Star Archery, Sunway Pyramid with groupon online ticket! hehehehe…


Let me shared our great pose 😉


Here we go… ladies in action. Focus… marvelous la!!!


Ijaz… anak sedara aku yg cilik nih pon tak lepas peluang utk memanah. Bagos… bijak, bijak!!!


GADGET la umpan utk si comel nih duduk diam-diam…hahaha 😆


hah…dah boring, mulalah si kecil nk touch everything~! hikhikhik 😀


LOOK… aksi hebat gaya “robin hood” melayu!!! macam-macam kan??? :mrgreen:


“tengok tuh… jom kire arrow yg melekat kat dinding???” 😉


Yeah..we did it!

It was great day out with cousins. We had spent splendid weekend together. Best 🙂

And guess what make my day?? I met my bestfriend yg dah lama tak jumpe, Ana and her sis, Ayu. Seronok sgt… senyum sampai telinga!

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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