Lai Chi Kang

Assalamualaikum sahabat & readers~!

opss…did u know??
1st thing when i’m arrived from Bintulu last 25/5/2012, teros g minum laicikang kat medan makan belakang AEON AU2 a.k.a dekat dgn umah aku la, hikhikhik


3june 2012; LAICIKANG satu!!!!😉

Hahaha… weekend with my dad & my bro really meriah bila bab makan-makan. So… as it was a month aku away from my lovely hometown, aku mmg ada rs teringin nak makan Laicikang! Di tambah plak ia jgk menjadi kegemaran abah…so JOM kita g minum Lai-Chi-Kang!


Laicikang or Lai Chi Kang?? aku sendiri pon tak tau. Apa yg pasti, it one of my most favorite drink. sLurpppp….yummy😆


this is my favorite…yummy!

i love laicikang with extra peanut!

here we are… this stall served the best laicikang that i really know.

guess where?? Restaurant Selera Melawati… slalu penoh org yg dtg makan Nasi Ayam Hainan S’pore & Bihun Sup Maphillindo.

do u know? abah pon suka minum laicikang kat cni. Favorite ktorg sama!😀

other special?? ABC kat cni mmg superb gaks, delicious! Cendol pon ada…😉

och… special here, laicikang served is full of isi kandungannya e.g. buah laici, colorful bubbles jelly, cincau, kismis, buah pala, buah longan, kacang goreng dan mcm2 lagi (ada yg aku tak tau apa namanya…so tak sebot la, huhuhu)

Alhamdulillah… sonoknye dpt minum laicikang!😎

** teringat kat puan Sahabat yg slalu temankan aku minum laicikang bila ktorg outing😉

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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