EURO 2012; no adorable team but…

Assalamualaikum sahabat & readers~!


8june 2012; perang bola dah start!!!

EURO 2012 semakin menghampiri. Kehangatan sok sek sok sek komentar sukan ttg EURO 2012 nih pon dh makin terasa kepanasannya.


Aku?? phsyco war dh pon bermula.

Favorite team? TAK DE!!! tp utk memeriahkan lapangan menembak EURO nih, I vote for SPAIN & HOLLAND!

SPAIN & HOLLAND?! my prinsip – You should never see something as a last chance in football. In football you can predict nothing.

SPAINfor me Spain give fans and the rival team the permanent sensation on the pitch! I want to see SPAIN in the final games! go ESPANOL…

HOLLAND – i believe this team have a great chance of winning even though Germany belongs with the favorites in a GROUP (feveret of KK, NS, ENI, LM). I want HOLLAND to challenge Germany and I pray for this team! Go Holland!

So… are we ready for EURO 2012?? jangan sume masok ofis mata lebam tak cukop tdo sudah…hikhikhik 😆


JOM kita berperang BOLA!

Hahaha… ENI skrg perang bola sambil enjot buaian aisy rayyan. hehehe 😉


Look… pre war dh pon bermula!!!

KK: mcm kempen jelajah EURO, pancing fans utk team GERMANY, ingat bole champion la…cettt!

NAB: nk join perang jangan pakai senapang patah… ENGLAND tuh lauk-pauk EURO je, skali ngapp abes, yummy!


Netherland – kak Anis pon nk join! JOM sokong Holland :mrgreen:


Football war fever… here we go, EURO 2012. Go HOLLAND!!!

and… go SPAIN too 😉

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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