Wisma Guthrie; memory for the plantation!

Assalamualaikum sahabat & reader~!
12nov 2012; Tinggal kenangan!

It has been here since last 30 yrs… for those who working with Guthrie before surely will missing this place especially the building!

Aku? Walaupon tak de byk kenangan dgn bangunan ni, tp aku ada byk kenangan dgn nama GUTHRIE ni!. Dlu masa post surat minta keje.. kat alamat bangunan ni la. It was in 2006!! Alhamdulillah. Och… fyi, I formerly recruited by Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad and I’m the junior Guthrian (pangkat adik bongsu la nih) 😉

Sekarang? As the company reach a 5 years of the merger, we have come to another era for Sime Darby Plantation. And this is for the 1st time, SDP have its own corporate Head Office building. It’s means that all SDP employees based in the head office will come together under 1 roof as our new premise will offer greater synergies and integration within the division. Especially for official meeting – now become more convenient. Before this, ada claim pegi meeting kat finance department which is based in Wisma Consplant (sbb parking kat Empire/Subang Parade company tanggung la kan). After this… nak meeting mcm dtg keje je. hahahaha… no more claim entertained! 😆

Wisma Guthrie before the merger year 2007


Wisma Guthrie with logo SD! (the merger)


Wisma Guthrie has being a workplace filled with great memories! Still remember how my first time here… survey for the lowest parking area (kena jalan jauh pon takpe), nak makan kat mana murah – nasi ayam kukus, nasi lemak terbang etc, traffic jams here and there…bla..bla..bla! 🙂

9/11 –  pindah barang ke ofis baru. Jam 1.00 pagi baru settle semuanya.  😉

New place? Sime Darby Plantation Tower, Ara Damansara!

We are the last batch moving into the new building. Today is 1st day masok office baru… dan ada byk nk kena survey kat bangunan baru nih!


Cantek?? Exclusive at the main entrance. Workstation nampak biasa2 ajer. Ke“exclusive”an dah takde. Macam operator office je. All job grade nampak sama. Maybe it was one of the earlier objective, I guess!

Nampak ekslusif?! Biasa je kan… tak bole beza meja Assistant Manager ke, Manager ke..!

Apapon… happy working!

Good bye Wisma Guthrie! Good bye Kuala Lumpur!
Ara Damansara…here we come 😉

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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