Big Bad Wolf 2012

Assalamualaikum sahabat & readers~!

22dec 2012; …midnite book shopping! 😉

Perghh…enjoyed spending nite at book fair. Kali nih mmg harga RUNTUH!! Aku & my relatives tak lepas peluang joined midnite crowd at the most lowest price book sales.

Troli? Bakol?! Apapon..we should have 1 troli each. Sbb sakit tgn kot pegang buku sambil2 nk belek buku yg lain. Bag shopping Ikea tuh mmg yg terbaek la. Hahaha… aku tak perlu kot smpai bw troli. Bcoz I went course by course. 😀

Rioh?! Yg wat rioh tuh sbb ktorg nih mmg kecoh. Mcmni la bila spend time with cousins. Jai (d’birthday girl), atie, makteh (borong sakan), abg yap, liza, dikyah & me…plus “WhatApp” members pon join skali. Sambil bershopping, sambil ber”whatapp”. Mcm-mcm kan?! 😆

Hence…kitaorg dpt grab “badge” for next year ‘premium’ pass. Ahaks… nk dpt badge  bkn senang..kena bg password yg publish kat facebook. So hasil kecoh2 ber”whatapp”, with ‘Save your wallet save the world’ – kitaorg collect almost 8 badges. Yay 🙂


About 3.00am, kitaorg gerak pulang dgn hati girang.

Next year?! BBW… we’re waiting u!
Ok. Published! hehe

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)

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  1. Next year nak join!! 🙂

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