Jack the Giant Slayer

Assalamualaikum sahabat and readers~!

6mac 2013; …wah banyak cerita aku nk dicoretkan! Tentang makan-makan day since 1st day of march with cousin, then family lunch treat in Segamat, lunch with forever mate & movie nite with BFF *love*

And guess what? Jeng, jeng…jeng… just nak shared just a few days in this beautiful March, aku layan movie Jack the Giant slayer! I went for 2 times within 7 days! Gilos??! hahaha… 😆

First time was last Friday – outing day with KakLa. Second time was yesterday – movie night with lovely BFF. How’s I miss all the moments that we spent with BIG portion of dinner and laughing together 😀

Apa yg best sgt tuh?
Average rate I gave 3.8 star. It’s entertained.
Overall.. i enjoyed watching the movie. At least the leads are likable enough. And in the end, for a movie about giants, there’s not much weight to this spectacle. Sesuai utk bersantai.

Briefly… JACK THE GIANT SLAYER retells the old English fairy tale about a farm boy named Jack who grows up hearing the legend of King Erik, who defeated giants of Gantua, a land between heaven and Earth. While at market to sell his uncle’s horse and cart, Jack meets and defends the honor of Princess Isabelle and sells his horse to a desperate monk, who gives Jack a sack of beans and the promise of treasure if he keeps them safe. After Isabelle escapes the palace for an adventure and ends up at Jack’s farm, one of the beans accidentally gets wet and shoots up — Jack’s farm and the princess along with it. The king dispatches his head guardian, Elmont, to climb the stalk, and Jack, now smitten with Isabelle, volunteers to join the rescue. But their mission is thwarted by the king’s counselor (and Isabelle’s betrothed), Roderick, who wants to use an ancient crown to rule the giants and the kingdom below it.

Jack The Giant Slayer starring Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson, Stanley Tucci, Ewan McGregor, Ian McShane 😉

Movie nih bukan action movie… so gelagat2 & dialog2 ada yg bole buat aku ketawa. I believe most of the audience would laugh at a giant picking and then eating his own booger, or maybe menjerit geliiiiiii! Hahaha… 😆

Aku suker cerita nih. Confirm aku tggu DVD release for own collection.


JOM layan trailer nih…sempat lg nak ke panggung 😀


…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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