Pink Guava mixed juices

Assalamualaikum sahabat & readers~! 20mar2013; …cari mood 😉 Actually..aku baru je balik keje. Terus online guna Maxis Wifi Broadband yg aku br je received yesterday. Ermm…nak test network la kirenya nih.

Nak cte aku dpt 2 carton company’s juice products.


Hah… memula hati girang. Lpstu terbeliak mata bila tgk expiry date on 21/3/2013. It is this Friday!! Aiyoooo… 😮

Dlm kepala ligat putar nak kasi kt sapa la air juice byk2 ni…ermmm!

BFF ♥ !
Yeah… reserved sorg setengah dozen. Haha 😀

Aien d’cousin 😉
Seingat aku…aien mmg suke pink guava drink. Hehe.

Rezeki kita la. Smoga Allah memberkati rezeki ini.

Hah…special msg utk BFF & aien d’cousin, jgn lupa minum smpai abes before expired yer. Kalo simpan dlm fridge..maybe bole tahan lg until weekend. Tapi tak jamin la eyh 🙂

Terima kasih Allah.
…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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