La Juiceria; …misi Juice Cleanse Day!


Assalamualaikum sahabat & readers~!!

1.11.15; … November is now!! 😎

Wah… dah lama sangat aku tak coret-coret celoteh aku kat cni. Ohhhh 2 months without a single posting really terrible this platform. Uwaaaa… 😂

Apapon… here I am back! What a mission to begin in this November onwards? Let’s focus and do it!

La Juiceria in a mission…. what?!! 😲
Meh nak cte sket… slalu kita dengar about “cheating day”, but we seldom heard people said about “cleanse day”. Over the time, we accumulate a lot of toxins in our body bcoz of what we eat & how we live. Cleanse day is a way to allow our body to naturally go into a detox mode & at the same time flooding it with live nutrients. However, kenalah dgn cara yg betul to do it efficiently. I am in the opinion that we should also plan for our “cleanse day” to release ourself of these toxins to regain body balance. On top of that… people will say that it should be done everyday. Yes of cos… tp depending on our daily life lah. Kalo jenis yg makan teratur, take healthy foods, makan sayur / buah cukup kuantiti dlm sehari sume… mmg bagus. Tp adakala kita makan ikut sempat je, apa ada kita ngap je, sayur/buah makan pon bukan segar2 sgt… di tambah lg dgn pelbagai faktor2 lain… makanya badan kita ni tanggung la sume kesan2nya dlm diam.

So… ukur baju di badan sendiri. Disebabkan perjalanan seharian aku lately sgt la tak teratur… terikat dgn 1001 activities at office, home & community (eceh… mcm menteri plak bunyinya), maka I am planning my Cleanse Day on weekends. Weekends cleaning prepare us better for coming week, isn’t it? And… La Juiceria is my choice for it.

Nape La Juiceria?
Btw… instead of aku pilih utk buat salad on my weekends, I am decided just to have a complete set of raw juices to naturally assist my body to sweep out the toxins accumulated over the time. Just imagine how are we going to efficiently get all these fresh vegetables and fruits into our diet?? My easiest way is juicing it. Yeah… nak buat sendiri mmg satu challenges la. So that aku beli je.

La Juiceria is one of the founder of cold-pressed juices in Malaysia. Ada banyak tp this one is my choice bcoz La Juiceria providing a lot of juices’ choices. Beside that, its is 100% pure from fruit & vegetables.

For our bodies to function at its best, we need vital nutrients. La Juiceria provides a convenient way for you to meet those needs.

[La Juiceria]

What a mission??
To have 1 day Juice Cleanse Day on weekends 😉

Yay… kena focus and keep healthy. Hehehe.

Mission aku ni… may not suit to everyone. Org kata ikut kemampuan masing2 la yer.

#selfmission #lajuiceriamy
Ok… semoga Allah permudahkan!

…bila aku rajin menulis (“,)


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